Spelling Bee

East Dubuque's Spelling Champion

Wil Quinn


Wil Quinn, an 8th Grader who enjoys playing basketball, loves history class, and dreams of someday taking his talents and using them to mold himself into a scientist is the 2018-2019 East Dubuque Spelling Hero.  In December, East Dubuque Held their annual Spelling Bee competition.  All students are allowed to compete.  The top 30 spellers advance to the East Dubuque Junior High Round held at the East Dubuque auditorium/cafeteria.  Wil captured 3rd place in the competition, and two fellow peers took first and second.  Elijah Russell held on to first and Dillon Freiburger took 2nd.  

All three advanced onto the Telegraph Herald Dubuque Area regional Spelling Bee.  Dillon, was eliminated on round 2, Elijah sank in round 3, and Wil held on to one of the top ten spots, earning him a seat at the Regional Spelling Bee.  The winner of the Regional Spelling Bee advances to Washington D.C. to represent our entire area.  This was the second year in a row that Wil Quinn represented East Dubuque at the Spelling competition held at Loras College. 

Wil looked solid for four straight rounds, but got stuck round 5 on the word GONDOLA.  Wil used every trick in the book to try and get an edge on the word and how it should begin; even asking the question "is there anything else I can ask?"  Wil gave it his all and spelled it GANDOLA.  Sooo close!

In the words of Dillon Freiburger after the Spelling Bee, "[you] did amazing, and all of us are extremely proud."  She is 100% correct!  Everyone in East Dubuque is proud of you Wil!