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JH Students Support East Dubuque Food Pantry

Junior High Supports Local East Dubuque Food Pantry

food pantry

 Vice President Curin Oberman, Riley Lawler, Treasurer Jackson Schultz, and President Madaline Oney take supplies down to the food pantry in the school van.

For one week in December, the East Dubuque Junior High Students were raiding their parents' pantries, cupboards, taking trips to the Dollar Tree, Walmart, and just doing whatever it took to bring in supplies for those in need, here in our local community.  The students had the added incentive of competition between the 5th period classes.  The JH Student Council is awarding the winning class pizza for lunch for their efforts.  Mr. La Page's 5th hour clearly edged into the lead and held onto it for a few days, until the collective efforts of Mrs. Arner-Powers and Mrs. Haven surged forward, making the competition turn ugly.  Teachers turned into saboteurs, while Mr. La Page and Mr. Edler were absent at a conference in Chicago, students turned into militant spies, strategically reporting intel on how teachers stashes looked, forcing La Page to stash supplies in unknown locations upon his return.  In the end, the students raised 756 pounds of supplies for the East Dubuque Food Pantry, whose administrators were extremely impressed and appreciative.  In the end, Mrs. Arner-Powers took first place, followed closely by Mr. La Page and Mrs. Schultz, and then coming in last was Mr. Edler and Mrs. Chapman.  Congratulations to Mrs. Arner-Powers' 5th hour students.  However, congratulations to all the students who were selfless and did whatever they could to help their community out during this holiday season.  Afterall, its not just the students in this school that are East Dubuque, we all are East Dubuque, and we do what it takes to keep our community excellent.