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Warrior Clothing Webstore!!!!!

The Junior High Student Council will once again be selling sweatshirts and t-shirts just in time for the holidays.  The East Dubuque Junior High Student Council has opted to collaborate with Buncombe LLC and created an online web store that will eliminate the transfer of money, checks, order forms, etc., through the many hands that it comes into contact with.  The online store is accessible via the link below:


The clothing order designs for this year are below:

design one

design two

design 3


All designs are visible in color on the school web store.  There are many varieties of clothing, along with sizes.  The colors of clothes are gray, black, and blue.  If for any reason you experience a problem with the webstore, please reach out to Mr. La Page ( or Mrs. Schultz ( at the Junior High School (815)747-3188 or contact Buncombe LLC Embroidery (608)744-2516.  All orders will be due by the end of the business day of November 22, 2022 to ensure that products can be ordered and received before the winter break.

Thank you for supporting the East Dubuque Junior High.