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JH Supports Local Non-Profit

Junior High Opens Up Its Heart to Local Charity

JH Service Project

For two weeks in February, the East Dubuque Junior High Student Council conducted the school's yearly service project for those in need.  This year, the Council chose to support a local organization, The Boundless Trailer, started by East Dubuque graduate, Paige Johnston.  The Council ran a competition between each 5th-hour class for who could raise the most hygiene and self-care products.  Students brought in an array of items:  toothpaste, shampoo, body wash, hand sanitizer, brushes, chapstick, and so much more.  The JH ended up filling Ms. Johnston's Jeep to the brim with products.  Johnston will be putting the items together in totes and delivering them throughout the country to those in need.  The Council assigned a point value to all items raised and the winning team is awarded a pizza party, courtesy of the Council's fundraisers.  This year, the four-time reigning champion, Mr. La Page, was toppled by the combo team of Mr. Edler and Mrs. Schultz's 5th hours who stole the win.  Congratulations to the winning classes!  We are most certain Mr. La Page will be back for vengeance next year!  The Student Council would like to give a shout-out to all students who opened their hearts and gave to those less fortunate.  Sometimes we forget how lucky we truly are and that others in our community and country are not as fortunate.  Thank you! 

1st Place - Mr. Edler and Mrs. Schultz = 596 points

2nd Place - Mr. La Page = 568 points

3rd Place - Mrs. Haven = 398 points

For anyone interested in giving to The Boundless Trailer use the link to find more information.