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End of the Year Information From Our Superintendent



East Dubuque Families,

Thank you so much for your work and your patience during this Remote Learning time.  Every family has had a different experience and therefore a different reaction to it.  The good news is that we have been able to provide resources and learning to kids when school itself was taken away from us by this virus.  That is not the case everywhere.  We understand that this has been a very good experience for some, and very difficult for others.  Remember that the Goals of the State of Illinois during this time were to; 1. Ensure the safety of everyone, 2. Keep students fed, and 3. Continue education in some Remote format.  We have done that in East Dubuque on all counts.  Now that we know that we will not be returning to school, a whole new batch of questions has come up.  We would like to answer as many of those as we can here.  Remember that if you have specific questions you can contact your child’s teacher or principal via email, or contact our district line at 815-289-6406.  Here are some updates for you and your students.

Picking Up Materials/Cleaning Out Desks and Lockers:

Many of you that needed materials from school have already contacted your child’s principal to pick those things up.  If there is anything that you need, please feel free to reach out to us.  We are going to start opening the building for small groups of students to come and clean out their lockers/desks and take their things home.  Starting next week the Principals will put out a schedule for this to be done.  We ask that if you have a device from the school, you wait to come in until the end of the year so you do not have unnecessary trips.  No matter when you come according to the schedule, please wear a mask.  


We want to remind you about grading during this time.  The State of Illinois has determined that Remote Learning cannot negatively impact a student’s grade.  For that reason we have decided that at the end of the year, the student’s second semester grade will be either their Cumulative Grade for the 3rd and 4th quarters, or their 3rd quarter grade, whichever is HIGHER.  So if a student had a B for their 3rd quarter grade, but raised it to an A with the addition of their Remote work, they would get the A.  If their grade would drop from the B to a lower grade with the addition of the Remote work, they would still get the B.  The emphasis this quarter is on staying engaged and doing the work.  Please remember, if your child is not engaging or doing at least 80% of their Remote work, they can receive an incomplete.  To receive a grade, that work will have to be made up.  We are not sure if we will be able to have students in school this summer to make it up, and we do not want them to have to make it up Remotely.  For that reason, we are looking at doing an Early Bird Class before the beginning of the school day in the fall.  Any student that has an incomplete will come to school 30-45 minutes early to make up that work.  For our younger students (Kindergarten through 4th Grade) we will use a pass/fail grade system instead of a letter grade.  We are working with our Student Management System provider to work out a few issues on this.  The emphasis again is on engagement and attempting to complete work.  Mr. Heiar will provide more information at the conclusion of the school year.

End of the Year/Remote Learning:

Our last formal day for Remote Learning will be on Friday, May 22.  That will be the last day that teachers meet with classes, or assign work.  The following week will be used for teachers to do grades, clean out classrooms, and work with individual students on assignments that need to be made up, or work that they need individual attention with.  


We feel very bad that this Graduating Class did not get to be celebrated during school at the end of this year like we would want to.  That doesn’t mean that we aren’t going to celebrate them though.  We have a number of things that we are putting together for the Seniors so they know how much they are missed and how proud of them we are.  A couple things that we are doing are surprises so I guess you will find those out when they happen, but here is what we can tell you about right now:

  1. Senior video- in the next week or so Mr. Sirianni will put out a message for Seniors to come and get their Cap and Gown.  At that time, or shortly after he will have Seniors in individually to be part of a Senior Class Video.  They will be recorded so we can create a tribute video to the whole class.  

  2. Individual Tributes on our Website and the WE ARE EAST DUBUQUE Page- We are asking that Seniors, or their families send pictures and a short blurb about the graduate and future plans to Mr. Potts at  These will be posted for everyone to see.  

  3. Senior Shirts- Each Senior will be getting a shirt to commemorate this Extraordinary time in their life and in all of our lives.  

  4. Last Day Parade- On Friday, May 29th (Our Original Commencement Date) we will have Seniors get in their Cap and Gown, deck out their cars, and cruise the town.  We will lead a Senior Parade for the graduates.  Invitations for this event will come later, but we want you to mark the date.  This will NOT be our Graduation Ceremony, but it will be our Senior Awards Parade and recognition.  

  5. Prom/Graduation-It has been our thought all along that Graduation needs to happen in person.  We are setting a date toward the end of July in hopes that we will be able to gather and celebrate our Seniors at that time.  We have chosen the weekend of July 18 for two events that are near and dear to our Seniors.  Prom will happen on Saturday, July 18 in the evening.  We will have more details once we confirm that we will be able to have students gather.  Graduation itself will be held on Sunday, July 19th.  We are looking for an Air Conditioned Venue.  Again, we will have more information coming, but please SAVE THE DATES for Prom and Graduation.  If we are still not able to gather at that time, we will make alternate arrangements for Graduation.  

  6. Surprise………

All Students:

We don’t want you to think that we just miss the Seniors.  We feel badly about how their Senior year ended, but we also want to show every student just how much we miss them.  That being the case, we will have a student carnival with games, blow ups, and food as soon as we know when we can host it.  We are proud of our students and we want them to know that!

We will have more information coming your way, but hopefully this helps answer a few things now.  Please stay safe and healthy and always remember, We Are EAST DUBUQUE!



T.J. Potts
East Dubuque Schools
Maximizing Life's Opportunities for Everyone!