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East Dubuque Book Club

The East Dubuque Book Club


Grab a pillow and a blanket, and curl up with your teachers as they read some of their favorite books.


May 28:  Mrs. Rennison - Little Pea

May 27: Jams with Jeff and Friends

May 26:  East Dubuque Fire Chief Heim - A Visit to the Sesame Street Firehouse

May 25:  Mrs. Flynn - The Music Teacher From The Black Lagoon

May 22:  Mrs. Duster - Love Can Build A Bridge

May 21:  Mrs. Luchterhand - Do Not Open This Book

May 20:  Miss Link - The Day The Crayons Quit

May 19:  Mr. Hesselbacher - George Washington's Teeth

May 15:  Miss Freese - Tickle Monster

May 14:  Miss Meszaros - Pig the Winner

May 13:  Mrs. Heim - Pinkalicious

May 11:  Mrs. Miller - Happy Birthday Moon

May 8:  Mrs. Alvarado - What If Everybody Did That

May 7:  Dunlieth/Menominee Fire Chief Cain - Curious George: The Movie

May 5:  Ms. Stierman - Harold and the Purple Crayon

May 4:  Mrs. Hartmann - The Caterpillars' Wedding

May 1:  Mrs. Oney - Charlie The Ranch Dog

April 29:  Miss. Edwards - The Gruffalo

April 28:  Mrs. Rang - The Cat In The Hat

April 27:  Mrs. Jackson - The Little Engine That Could 

April 24:  Mrs. Eisbach - Memoirs of a Hamster

April 23:  Mrs. Nieland - Five Little Monkeys Wash The Car

April 22:  Mrs. Harvey - The Pigeon Needs a Bath

April 21:  Mrs. Schemmel - My No, No, No Day!

April 20:  Miss Lange - The Rainbow Fish

April 17:  Mrs. Smith - There's a Giraffe in my Soup

April 16:  Mrs. Haven - Bed Hogs

April 15:  Mrs. Ebeling - Today I Feel Silly

April 14:  Mrs. Hill - Rosie Revere, Engineer

April 13: Mrs. Kenkel - Big Bad Bubble

April 10:  Mrs. Sand - How to Babysit a Grandpa

April 9:  Mrs. Doyle - Miss Fox's Class Goes Green

April 8:  Mrs. Miller - I Like Myself

April 7:  Mr. Tyler - Officer Buckle and Gloria

April 6:  Mrs. Schonhoff - How to Tuck in a Sleepy Lion

April 3: Mrs. Lundh - Ava the Monster Slayer

April 2:  Mr. Pearson - Pete the Cat

April 1: Mrs. Frommelt - Dog Breath

March 31: Jamin' With Jeff and Friends

March 30:  Mrs. Rennison - The Missing Piece Meets the Big O