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Illinois 5 Essential Survey

Illinois Five Essential Survey

Essential Survey

The State of Illinois is conducting its yearly check-in of how well its schools are functioning.  Illinois focuses the survey on five core aspects involved in education:  Rigorous Instruction, Leadership, Teacher Cooperation, and the Quality of the Learning Environment.  The suvey is mandatory for every student, every teacher, and made accessible to every parent.  This survey does not merely serve as an analysis of East Dubuque for the State, but more importantly serves as an analysis of East Dubuque for East Dubuque.  Each school, the Elementary, Junior High, and  High School, need a minimum of 20% parental involvment in the survey in order for the school district to receive the results.  The East Dubuque School District encourages all parents in all schools to take the survey.  This will give us an excellent snapshot of how our students, our community, and our staff view our schools.  Thank you for your cooperation.  


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Illinois 5 Essential Survey