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Referendum Impacting Our School District

Referendum on Aging Infrastructure


The East Dubuque School District buildings are aging.  It is time for our community to give us their input.  On April 2, 2019, the East Dubuque School District will have a referendum on building additions onto the East Dubuque High School and housing all students who attend East Dubuque Public Schools on one campus, rather than on the current two.  We would like to hear as much feed back as possible and the best way to hear your voices is through a vote.  So please come out on April 2 and voice your opinion on if this is what we as a community want to persue or not. 


There will be some informational opportunities coming up concerning the referendum.  On March 14, beginning at 5 PM there will be a fantastic opportunity for community members to come to the Elementary School and see first hand the challenges the school is currently facing.  They will also hear from district leaders the fine details of the referendum and how this could impact the future of our community.  There will also be a similar informational meeting on March 28 at 5 PM as well.  On both dates there will be a dinner, tours, and a presentation so that you the voter are fully informed.  Please join us!


Check us out for updates on Facebook and Twitter at:  WeREastDubuque   

Also, click the link below to check out the brochure sent to all East Dubuque Community members via mail.  In addition to the brochure link, there is a link to the presentation presented by Mr. Potts in reference to the referendum.  

East Dubuque Referendum Information Brochure

East Dubuque Referendum Presentation