• Getting Our District Up to Code

    In 2016, the East Dubuque School District pinpointed all of the issues it is facing with simply getting its buildings to meet federal and state codes.  A 10 year long plan was devised and East Dubuque School District will have to achieve all  state and federal mandated modifications by 2026.  These do not include any dreams of grandeur of making East Dubuque a more successful place to grow the citizens of the future.  These are merely out of date issues with the buildings that the State deems archaic.  An example would be exposed wires in a classroom.  Below two of our East Dubuque Elementary students hold up the lists of mandates that the district must comply with in order to be considered up to code for a public building.  

    code list

    Note that these lists and links below, do not contain ADA compliance issues either.  The Health, Life, and Safety lists are just code and not a comprehensive list of all compliance issues.  Below are links to the HLS Code mandates that will display the required modifications for the Junior High/High School and for the Elementary School. 

    High School/Junior High School Mandatory Code Updates

    Elementary School Mandatory Code Updates