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    East Dubuque Junior High School is located in the East Dubuque High School Building at 200 Parklane Drive.  The East Dubuque Junior High School boasts one of the greatest teams of teachers, the best group of students, the most supportive of parents, and the best learning environment a community could offer their young adults.  


    Life of an eLearning Junior High Student

    Hear how two of our JH students are doing with this new style of delivering classes.



  • Matlock Proclaims Victory at JH Spelling Bee

    Spelling Bee

    Spencer Sindahl, Alex Anthony, Dominic Matlock 

    The JH Spelling Bee began with 24 competitors, and ended an hour and twenty minutes later crowning three victors.  7th Grader, Dominic Matlock took the gold, ending with easily dominating the deciding word of V I N Y L.  8th grader, Alex Anthony took second, narrowly missing the word C E R T A I N, choosing to throw in an "e" rather than an "a."  Lastly, was Spencer Sindahl, walking off with the bronze, being conquored by the word S P L E E N.  The spelling bee lasted ten rounds, until these three took the prize.  Dominic Matlock will take his spelling sense with him to the Telegraph Herald Regional Spelling Bee, hosted at Loras College, where he will compete against all area spellers.   If Dominic takes the win at the regional spelling bee, he will be headed to Washington, D.C. to compete at the televised National Spelling Bee.  Good Luck Dominic!  East Dubuque is rooting for you! 

Field Trip to the University of Dubuque

  • East Dubuque Junior High School took an exciting field trip that included three major highlights, a play titled 50 States in 60 Minutes, a tour of the University of Dubuque Campus, and one of the most exciting highlights, food in a college cafeteria.  The trip proved to be a pretty fun day!

JH Collects 2,200 lbs of food for the food pantry