• JH Weight Wars

    Food Pantry

     The East Dubuque Junior High Student Council conducted a successful battle against poverty in the East Dubuque area.  February 20-March 1 the JHSC sponsored Weight Wars; a competition among all the fourth period classes in the JH School.  After much trash talk and bags upon bags of non perishable items being brought in, Mr. LaPage's 4th hour United States American History crew pulled off the victory, registering 375 pounds of food.  All food was donated to our very own East Dubuque Food Pantry, to distribute to those individuals in need from out community.  The JH raised a total of 1,400 pounds.  This was a great way to give back to our community.  

    The Junior High Student Council would like to send out a special thank you to all the parents who encouraged their young adults to participate by sending food to school with them during the competition.  Thank you Parents!