• Photo Repair and Restoration

    Students used Adobe Photoshop Elements to repair and restore a damaged photo and were given an opportunity to bring in a family photo to work on. Two students who did were Gabrielle Rath and Ava Woller. 

    Gabrielle's picture was of her  Great-Great-Great-Great Grandma and Grandpa on their wedding day January 20, 1874 - Charles Graham of Wisconsin, and Mathilda Allen of Quebec. As you can see from the "before and after", there was extensive damage which required much patience and detailed work from Gabby.







    Ava's repaired photo of her Grandma before her cousin's wedding:



Animation Projects

  • JellyCam

    These animations were created from a process called "Stop Motion" and the "Intro to Digital Graphics" students used the free online software called JellyCam. This involves taking a still photograph of your subject and moving it slightly and taking another picture. This continues as the story unfolds and is a very time consuming process.  For instance, one of the animations had over 200 still photos to create a video that lasted way under a minute!


  • Videos from 2nd Period Class


         A. Whiteboard Stop Motion Technique

    • "The Circle of Life" animation" - Created by Alyssa Lonergan and Christa Kurtz  
    • "Boat" - Created by Gabrielle Rath and Devon Rowell


        B. Claymation Stop Motion Technique

    • "Dino" - Created by Ava Woller and Gabe Deutmeyer
    • "Deagon Ambush" - Created by Dakota Moore


  • Videos from 4th Period Class


        A. Construction Technique

    • "Race of the Legand" (Lego's construction) - Created by Mitch Renne, Jacob Arling and Chryshaun
    • "Sticky Notes" (Sticky notes construction) - Created by Collin Budde, Cade Koehler, Ethan Brady

        B. Whiteboard Stop Motion Technique