• What can we offer you?

    Family T.I.E.S. is a program for families with infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.

    We are funded by the Illinois State Board of Education, and serve children and families from prenatal through Kindergarten entry! 

    Family T.I.E.S. believes:

    • the process of education begins at birth
    • learning takes place in a variety of natural settings
    • children are active, curious learners
    • each child has unique strengths and needs
    • parents are the child's first, best and most important teacher
    • all families have a diverse range of strengths, needs and priorities
    • that all children need and deserve adults in their lives who are loving,
    • kind, and provide a safe environment

    Our mission:
    To empower parents to be the best teachers that they can be; to empower families to make responsible choices and decisions for the children within that family.