• Welcome to East Dubuque High School



    East Dubuque Senior High School is located at 200 Parklane Drive.  The East Dubuque High School boasts being one of best schools to attend in Illinois.  Not only will all students in these walls walk away with a sound education, but they will walk away prepared to enter society as a well rounded citizen, bound to put their mark on the world.   

  • Marketing Class Assignment

    Their assignment was to view several business news programs from various media outlets and then select one for presentation to the class in corporate business briefing format. Their briefings were evaluated and graded on the following ten criteria:

    1. Extent of preparation and practice evident in the briefing.
    2. Opening statement effectiveness.
    3. Briefing content and significance
    4. Design, content, and organization of the visuals in MS Power Point
    5. Control and utilization of the visuals
    6. Appearance, composure, and professional presence
    7. Eye contact with the audience
    8. Responding to questions from the audience
    9. Time management
    10. Closing effectiveness

    Techniques, standards, and expectations incorporated in this learning activity were based in part on PriceWaterhouseCooper LLC professional development series, the Knowledge at Wharton (Wharton School of Business at the University of Penn) series, the US Army Staff College series, and our Marketing Learning Plan.

    DrJMS 5/23/19