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  • East Dubuque High School's Ranked Top Notch Institute

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    Everyone in East Dubuque can be proud of their high school and school district as a whole.  East Dubuque was named, by the US Weekend and World Report, the 129th best school in the state of Illinois.  Out of 4,266 high schools in the state, East Dubuque has established itself as one of the elites!  The ranking is based on numerous factors including test scores, college placement classes, teacher to student ratio, class size, and much more.  The report focuses primarily on the secondary school level, however, we here at East Dubuque recognize that this award encompasses much more than that.  This award was only possible becasue of the dedication that we have from our fantastic students, East Dubuque community members, parents, area businesses, and all of the staff throughout the district, that push our students in the direction of become something amazing.  We All Are East Dubuque! 

    Click the link below to read the full report.

    US Weekend and World Report:  Best High Schools

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  • Chief O'Connell Retires

    Chief Officer Steve O'Connell is retiring.  The East Dubuque School District would like to take this opportunity for all the years of service you have provided not only our schools with, but with the East Dubuque Community as well.  You were one of the finest to serve us.  Thanks for always being ready to lay your life on the line.  

    Chief O'Connell

    Drawing of Chief O'Connell by Sydney S.

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    Getting Our District Up to Code

    In 2016, the East Dubuque School District pinpointed all of the issues it is facing with simply getting its buildings to meet federal and state codes.  A 10 year long plan was devised and East Dubuque School District will have to achieve all  state and federal mandated modifications by 2026.  These do not include any dreams of grandeur of making East Dubuque a more successful place to grow the citizens of the future.  These are merely out of date issues with the buildings that the State deems archaic.  An example would be exposed wires in a classroom.  Below are links that will display the required modifications for the Junior High/High School and for the Elementary School. 


    Junior High/High School 


    Elementary School


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High School Announcements

  • All Conference Team for Scholastic Bowl

    All Conference Team

    The 2018-2019 Scholastic Bowl season was not just one to remember in capturing a share of the conference title, but also because of four members who made the All Conference Team.  Ryan Turner was unanimously chosen for First Team All Conference and Mia Schemmel, Ethan Mulgrew, and Jonathon Haven were chose Second Team All Conference.  Congratulations Quiz Bowlers! 

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  • The Elite Three of the Elite 8 Team

    Elite 3

    Payton Heller, Layne Boyer, and Hunter Sherman were all named to the 2018-19 All State Teams by the IBCA (Illinois Basketball Coaches Association).  Payton was named 1st Team All-State.  Layne was named 2nd Team All-State, and Hunter Sherman was named 3rd Team All-State.  Payton will receive his 1st Team All-State award during halftime of the 3rd Place 1A game (which starts at 11:00 am) at the Peoria Civic Center on Saturday.

    In addition to earning recognition and top honors in the state of Illinois, these three talented young man have also written their names into the 1,000 point club.  

    Payton Heller - 1,424 points
    Layne Boyer - 1,255 points
    Hunter Sherman - 1,076 points
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Junior High Announcements

  • Testing Time is Approaching


    Students and Parents, its that time of the year again when its time your our young East Dubuquers to buckle down and show off their academic achievements.  The State of Illinois mandatory testing will this week and next!  Remember, these tests factor into our East Dubuque Report Card and they factor into the funding we receive from the State of Illinois.  How can you help your child do his/her absolute best on these tests?  A good nights sleep (particularly teenagers need a solid 8 hours for brain activity to fuction most effectively), a good breakfast in the morning, and of course lots of positive reinforcement and encouragement.  We all know our students are the best, so lets make sure we give them the push they need to stay the best!

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  • Students' Daily Assignments

    Parents!!!  Exciting News!!!  You now have access to all the daily assignments that your young adults receive each day.  Under the JH drop down menu, you will see a tab titled "JH Assignments."  Select the tab and it will give you access to both 8th grade and 7th grade assignments.  One more way you can ensure that your young adult stays on top of his or her daily work load.  

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  • Medieval times

    Put on your armor, climb on the horse, and grab your lance.  IT'S MEDIEVAL TIIIIMMMMEEEEESSSSS!  After studying the Middle Ages in a cross curricular unit feature Math, Language-Arts, Literature, and History, the students will step back 1000 years ago to the days of knights in shining armor and damsels in distress.  On May 16, the East Dubuque 7th grade class will be heading to Chicago, Illinois to experience the Medieval Times dinner theater.  

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  • 8th Grade Bound for Springfield

    The 8th grade class will be taking a closer look at history and where the place where the Illinois law makers get the job done.  April 25, the 8th grade class will be boarding the bus bound for Springfield, Illinois.  Highlights of the trip will be Abraham Lincoln's Home, the Old Illinois State Capitol Building, the Current Illinois State Capitol Building, the Abraham Lincoln Presidential

    Museum, the Illinois State War Memorials, and Abraham Lincoln's final resting place.  Get Excited.  Lincoln's Tomb

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Elementary Announcements

  • "I have BINGO!!!!"

    Elementary students who earned some Warrior Bucks from Character Awards get to participate in this month's chacater reward activity, Bingo!  Good job to those young Warriors stepping up to the character challenge!  Keep it up!


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